About & Projects

"I construct new stories from old, 

In ways that are contemporary, socially engaged, & also rather bold...

I marry words with images, which I’m often told,

Bring to light, map, & celebrate, 

Histories that would otherwise remain hidden, side-lined, or untold..."

Kremena Dimitrova is a London-Portsmouth based illustrator-as-historian, storyteller, lecturer in Visual Culture, and a practice-based PhD researcher in Visualising History. She specialises in children's illustration, comics, murals, public art installations, mapmaking/trails, and visual storytelling in the museum and heritage sectors. Her commissions often involve working with archives and collections and using a mixture of creative approaches such as walking, character development, humour, rhymes, words, and images to bring hidden and marginalised narratives to life. Kremena experiments with photographic material and traditionally made textures, painted, drawn, and printed backgrounds, which she often combines into digital collages.


As an illustrator, Kremena has extensive professional industry experience and a breath of specialist knowledge. She has had a number of diverse exhibitions and her work features in print, online, book publishing, design, and advertising. Many of Kremena’s commissions are socially engaged and site-specific in nature and involve collaborating with the public to explore history, culture, and heritage in creative and memorable ways - through art, storytelling, and co-creation.

As an educator, Kremena has wide-ranging experience in delivering dynamic, engaging, and flexible face-to-face and online events, talks, lectures, and workshops in formal and informal educational settings. Kremena focusses on edutainment. Exploring different media, from drawing, painting, and printmaking to collage and comics making, participants are encouraged to be imaginative in an inclusive, creative, and playful environment.

Major creative projects include Historic England, Arts Council England, and National Lottery Heritage Funded visual (hi)storytelling interventions, commissions, and research residencies. Clients include:

The British Museum

The Charles Dickens Museum

Museum of the Home

Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture

The Jewish Museum

Bishop’s Stortford Museum

Headstone Manor & Museum

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

Manchester Museum (University of Manchester)

West Cheshire Museums

Dorset Museums

East Riding Museums

Benjamin Franklin House

Preston Park Museum & Grounds

The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge

National Memorial Arboretum


PhD Visualising History

University of Portsmouth (Feb 2019-) (part-time)


Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education in Teaching and Supporting Learning

Middlesex University (Sep 2016 - Sep 2017) (part-time)


MA Art and Design in Education

IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society (Sep 2014 - Sep 2016) (part-time)


BA (Hons) Illustration

Middlesex University (Oct 2010 - May 2013)


Intensive Foundation in Art and Design

Middlesex University (Jun - Aug 2010)


Postgraduate Art Development Grant (2021) - Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology

Postgraduate Exchange Prize 2020 - Commendation - Social History Society

Arthur Silver Award - Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (2013)


Higher Education Academy - Advance HE (2018-)


Founding Member of University of Portsmouth's Illustration Research Group (2020-)

Social History Society (2020-)

Caroline Marcus Associates (2019-)

Amuse Experiences - Bespoke Museum & Gallery Experiences with the Experts (2020-)


Bronze and Silver Arts Award - Trinity College London (2015-)










  • The Charles Dickens Museum, London (May 2022-)

Freelance Educator - lead and facilitate creative/history-telling sessions and specialised interactive learning workshops for visiting Education groups of students working with Object Handling Collections onsite in the museum as well as providing outreach sessions.

  • Headstone Manor & Museum (Jul 2022-)

Learning & Engagement Facilitator – design and deliver a Mindful Sketching course to support the museum’s engagement programme with a focus on exploring the Manor House and grounds, connecting with nature, and representing this via traditional and experimental sketching methods.

  • East Riding Museums, East Riding of Yorkshire (Jul 2022-) (Arts Council England Funded)

Natural History Visual Art Uplift Schools and Community Engagement Project ‘Mapping the Wildlife Travellers and Settlers on the Wolds around Me through Comics’ in collaboration with the Humber Museums Partnership - curate a site-specific contemporary workshop model comprising of 8-10 bespoke sessions for schools (primary, secondary, SEN) and communities with the aim to create representations from participants of the world closest to them and the place they call home by exploring their perspective of the East Riding and North Wolds area. Run a taster drop-in activity inspired by the workshop model at ArtWaves Festival 2022 at Bridlington Spa. Develop an end-of-project co-created community exhibition.

  • MAST Mayflower Studios Theatre, Southampton (Jul 2022-)

Community Exhibition Christmas Takeover Project 'Wonderland' - The White Rabbit 3D Paper Puppet Sculpture (5ft in height). Focussing on storytelling through comics, work with multiple classes at a local school to co-create the pieces of a white rabbit art installation with the signage “Welcome to Wonderland” inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland which will be displayed on the mini mezzanine above the foyer in the main entrance. Construct the installation outside of the workshops ensuring the final work is robust, safe for interaction with the public, and flame retardant.

  • Newhampton Art Centre, Wolverhampton (Jun 2022-)

Creative Community Mapping in Whitmore Reans – deliver creative workshops and co-produce a map to support a creative project with the Refugee & Migrant Centre and Wolverhampton City of Sanctuary; co-produce a map of Whitmore Reans with artists and participants across the whole project and all groups (Refugee & Migrant Centre, African Caribbean Community Initiative, Gatis Community Space (Acts of Random Caring CIC), The Good Shepherd, Families Group) in a form that can be recognised as a representation of the area and overall project; ensure the creative process is documented and all necessary permissions are obtained from participants so that images/media produced can be disseminated; participate in project evaluation; ensure the work produced can be a part of the end of project exhibition and community sharing event; contribute material for the project publication.

    • University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, Dorset Diocese, Dorset Museums and Historic England (May 2022-) (Culture and Heritage Hub Seed Funding - Higher Education Innovation Fund and Participatory Research Fund)

    Tyneham Unravelled: Establishing and Connecting the Communities of Tyneham Village - a co-production research project seeking to identify stakeholders interested in collecting, co-creating, and presenting the hidden narratives of Tyneham by responding to the site’s historic, archaeological, and ecological qualities in order to preserve its history through documentation. Aims: collaborate with researchers across disciplines to initiate and develop contacts, networks, and sustained partnerships with non-academics in the area of culture and heritage; establish a supportive infrastructure to nurture the existing Culture and Heritage Network; develop a forum to enable public engagement through creative mapping and comics/storytelling workshops with communities to facilitate accessible forms of engagement and knowledge exchange.

        • Green Close, Rural & Social Development through the Arts, Lancashire

        (Apr - Sep 2022)

        (Apr 2022-) Artist Researcher and Artist in Residence - Kirkham High Street Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) collaborative and co-created site-specific history/heritage community commission - archival research at Kirkham and Lancashire Archives and planning and delivery of creative workshops with identified community partners (Milbanke Home for Older People, Wesham Rehabilitation Unit, Kirkham Library, St Michael’s Church); co-conceptualisation and co-creation of an illustrated and functional A-Z heritage map/trail brochure and bookmark of Kirkham (Funded by Historic England); design of a trifold brochure promoting the whole programme (Funded by Fylde Council).


        (May - Aug 2021) Phoenix Rising Social Prescribing Arts & Wellbeing Programme Mapping Kirkby Lonsdale’s Heritage - using a co-production model, planned and delivered a series of online and physical visual storytelling workshops relating to the histories, myths, folktales, and participants’ personal stories and memories about Kirkby Lonsdale. Introduced participants to the various creative ways of bringing historical information to life such as rhymes, collage, and comics making. Used the workshops’ visual and textual outcomes to co-create an illustrated, visually appealing, educational, and accessible digital and physical map/poster that communicates a variety of individual stories and positions them in the wider historical context to celebrate people, culture, and heritage in contemporary ways; involved the participants in the research, planning, production, and design of the final map/poster (Thriving Communities Fund).


        (Oct 2020) The Phoenix Art & Health Project in partnership with Lancashire and South Cumbria (NHS) Foundation Trust, LSCFT Recovery College (Arts Council England Emergency Funding) - planned and delivered a series of international online Comics & Personal Well-being workshops for women on the theme of Stress & Anxiety. Through discussions and self-reflection, introduced participants to the numerous ways they could employ the unique language of comics and their combination of image and text to visually communicate their thoughts, feelings, frustrations, anxieties or experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown conditions. Developed a co-created comics poster with the workshops’ creative outcomes.

        • Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery (in partnership with The British Museum), Shrewsbury (Apr 2022-) (Arts Council England Funded)

        Create a series of bespoke designs for application to retail ranges (homeware, stationary, games, prints, clothing) inspired by the museum’s permanent collections and key objects with the aim to offer audiences a unique retail experience and help them engage with the collections in new ways.

        • Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet (MKYCAB), Milton Keynes 

        (Mar 2022 - 2022) Domestic Abuse Action Group Project Campaign - design and develop a logo and 5 PowerPoints about domestic violence and abuse for school years 7,8,9,10,11 to raise awareness about the issues at public events.


        (Dec 2021 - Jul 2022) Homelessness Action Group Youth Homelessness Project Campaign - raised awareness about the growing issue of homelessness by co-creating a visual digital asset in collaboration with young people (11-18 years old) working directly with the young people to inform the design – conjure moments of abstraction and bring an emotional depth to the overall narrative. Aims: develop a flexible outcome which can work as a whole design and as component parts and can be reproduced in a variety of formats (physical and digital platforms); printed and displayed in public places at Station Square opposite Milton Keynes Train Station and in an underpass at the Buszy Plaza Skatepark (14-metre-wide); adapt the design into a postcard format for distribution to 15 secondary schools. Objectives: reduce the isolation and stigma surrounding homelessness, inform the general public, provide support to homeless people; deliver creative digital and physical workshops with the young people to generate ideas and visual material to inform the outcome (Funded by Milton Keynes Council).


        “This was the second most voted project in 2020/21 which is why we created the mural with our artist, Kremena, in the hope of educating and supporting people about homelessness. We want to portray a ray of hope for anyone who is going through a similar situation as well as creating a positive message to the wider community.”

        - Alessandro and Crystal Rose, MKYCAB Homelessness campaign group.

        • The British Museum and Single Homeless Project (SHP), London (May - Jul 2022) (Funded by the Japanese Tobacco Industry)

        Co-curation project – Object & Art Hunting: Finding Inspiration Together – collaborated with the Head and Co-ordinator of Community Partnerships to plan and deliver 8 art/storytelling workshops with SHP members. Aims: provided opportunities for SHP clients to connect, take part in creative activities, and learn about the museum and its collections; co-created a digital and physical foldable object trail leaflet exploring the personal connections that exist between individuals and museum objects including choosing themes, stories, and objects to be featured in the trail, and the type of medium/creative practice used; co-wrote/produced the interpretation for the objects in the trail; designed an invitation/welcome letter to give to the participants.

        • Museum of the Home, London

        (Nov 2020 - Mar 2021) Concept Illustrator/Designer Rhymes Through Time large-scale multi-artwork mural/trail/game installation in collaboration with a poet. Responsibilities: created 5 digitally illustrated walls/cupboard murals displayed in different rooms in the museum visualising the experience of the child during four periods in British history; interpreted the stories from the domestic home in a fun and child-friendly way aimed at children aged 6-12 and families with a focus on edutainment – teaching and learning through entertainment and play; ensured the displays were inclusive, interactive, engaging and memorable through visual poetry map mazes, puzzles, matching pairs, spot the difference games, while considering the rooms’ contemporary relevance relating to family structures, gender, race, multiculturalism; artistic direction of project; design and proofing; concept illustration; created print ready artworks that were fully accessible for all audiences, including colour, size and type of text used; created smaller version of artworks for use on Soundcloud and the museum website; designed exhibition interpretation and credit panels; worked with the Digital/Social Media Editor to help with marketing and PR by posting about research and ideas, work in progress, creative processes, artistic choices and concepts; liaised with printers for practicalities of printing and delivery (National Lottery Heritage Funded).


        (Nov 2021) Created an illustration ‘A Betrothal Gift’ of a historical Hanukkah lamp (Hanukkiah) for display at the museum to represent a personal (hi)story; delivered an illustration workshop for families as part of Hanukkah Festival.


        (Mar - Sep 2021) Concept Illustrator/Designer - Multimedia Associate Schools Project Tomorrowland - inspired by the themes of heritage, community, home, and the future. Collaborated with a team of creative practitioners to co-create a poster and large scale digital and physical maps populated with QR codes, ideas, writings, rhymes, and visuals created by primary school children's imaginings of what their future homes could/should look like; posters and maps’ installation in the museum, schools, shops, and residential windows throughout Hackney. 

        • Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, Manchester (Aug 2021 - Jan 2022)

        'Mosan Enamels: A Medieval Craft Carried and Continued' – working from a script, employed a comic strip format to creatively reimagine the emotional stories of spiritual and religious driven movement inspired by a rare and fragile archaeological Medieval Mosan enamelled plaque that people had carried with them from Europe to the UK (discovered in a field in Oldham in December 2020); use the power of comics to help visitors visually 'see' the object by revealing the emotional realities of belonging this object represents relating to people, places, and time; exhibition installation in The Belonging Gallery in Spring 2022.

        • University of Oxford, Oxford (Sep - Nov 2021)

        Digital Scholarship (DiSc) - reflected on the nature, importance, and activities of DiSc as practices that complement and extend existing methods of academic research and generated a large-scale illustration to form a part of DiSc’s visual identity; launch and display in Autumn 2021.

        • Suffolk Libraries, Stowmarket (Aug - Sep 2021) (Arts Council England Funded)

        Stowmarket Garden Project - Stitching Stowe - led on the concept design and hand-painted creation of a site-specific mural installed in the courtyard and garden space of Stowmarket Library; drew inspiration from own research and local stories collected through public engagement events and weaved these with text and image to celebrate Stowmarket’s past, present, and future; participated in planning sessions and worked with staff from Suffolk Libraries and project partners from Fox Yard Studio and Modece Architects Ltd to help with the evaluation and documentation of work throughout the project; social media promotion.

        • Wigan STEAM, Wigan (Aug 2021) (Arts Council England Funded)

        Future Human - a socially engaged and co-created art project with young people exploring what is in store for humanity and planet earth in the year 2050 by delving into the problems we might face as our species evolve, the climate continues to change, and technology advances at an ever-increasing rate. The young people worked with scientists and technologists to gather research about cutting-edge technologies and scientific evidence and theories that might give us a glimpse into the future. I planned, prepared, and delivered a workshop to help the young people communicate their visions for the future and research through storytelling, character development, mapmaking, and comics by making the project site-specific and focussing our visual and textual imaginings on Wigan. Exhibition installation of work in Wigan STEAM Gallery in Autumn 2021.

        • Preston Park Museum & Grounds, Stockton-on-Tees (May - Jul 2021) BBC COVERAGE

        Site-specific Contemporary Collecting Exhibition Project Lockdown Legends Exposed - working from photographs and stories, devised and designed a large-scale digital vinyl wall mural in a portrait/map style inspired by elected Covid-19 nominees - inspirational individuals whose heroic acts of kindness during the pandemic were deemed by the people in Tees Valley to deserve recognition. Responsibilities: maintained ongoing communication via email and phone; research, concept development, considered quality, format, and longevity of portrait map to become part of the museum’s permanent collections showing future generations how ordinary people did extraordinary things and how communities worked together during difficult times; provided initial ideas of the composition layouts; sent regular updates on the progress of work; created versions of work for an interactive wall, website use, and social media promotion; designed exhibition interpretation panels and illustrated frames for the nomination text. Collections: PRESTON PARK MUSEUM & GROUNDS & TEES ARCHIVES (DORMAN MUSEUM)

        • University of Manchester’s Centre for Jewish Studies and The John Rylands Research Institute and Library, Manchester (Jan 2020 - May 2021)

        Social History Society's Postgraduate Exchange Prize 2020 - Commendation

        Exploratory visual research residency 50 Jewish Objects public history commission - researched and visually investigated, employing a graphic narrative format, a 14C compendium of Jewish law - an illuminated manuscript of Isaac ben Joseph of Corbeil’s Sefer Mitzvot Katan (Semak) (documented for internet usage) which is exhibited on the Centre for Jewish Studies' website and which is part of The University of Manchester's permanent collections in The John Rylands Research Institute and Library. Planned, organised and delivered outreach activities programme comprising of a pre-recorded online comics/storytelling talk and workshop to showcase the project, captivate public’s interest and widen understanding of artefacts, Jewish history, and Jewish studies; wrote blog entries which communicated my research, thinking, design decisions, processes and approaches when visually responding to the manuscript.

        • East Street Arts, Leeds (Oct 2020 - Mar 2021) in partnership with Leeds City Council (main project partner), Leeds Museums and Galleries, Leeds Heritage Theatres, Opera North, Age UK, The Churches Conservation Trust, North Bar/North Brewing, High Streets Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) (Funded by Historic England)

        Artist-Researcher and Artist in Residence with Leeds Civic Trust collaborating with local history experts, volunteers, and community groups on a socially engaged intergenerational pilot project. Responsibilities: researched the rich history, culture, heritage, and untold stories of Burmantofts Pottery and its connection to and presence in and around New Briggate and the City Centre. Created educational videos, led creative community consultation through online workshops; conducted interviews with Burmantofts residents - Shakespeare Primary School, Burmantofts Senior Action, MAFWA Theatre (vulnerable women, refugees, asylum seekers, and settled communities) to uncover unknown stories. Used these findings to co-create digital and physical resources (an illustrated poetry book, letters, stories, maps, puzzles, colouring sheets) in consultation with the participants further informing a second part of the project generating activity packs with an Artist-Educator distributed to residents, families, and elderly people. Engaged in research, development, production, activation, evaluation, and participation encouraging people to become history and heritage investigators. Developed a physical and digital imprint based on collaboration and helped create a contemporary ‘blue plaque’ archive recording Leeds’s neighbourhoods’ deep-rooted histories which are under threat of erasure and displacement; contributed to a social media campaign to promote the project through artist takeovers on social media channels; attended weekly online meetings with the project team to update on project’s progress and discuss, develop, and finalise ideas; developed, wrote, designed, and illustrated a collaborative (hi)story book in rhymes co-created with the community groups’ memories, ideas, suggestions, and creative outcomes from workshops. Published by East Street Arts in Spring 2021. The successful delivery of this pilot project led to further funding as part of a larger Heritage Action Zone commission.

        • West Cheshire Museums, Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council (Jul 2020 - Aug 2020) (National Lottery Heritage Funded)

        Digital collaborative comic strip commission Colour within the Lines: Living in Lockdown for Chester Festival of Hope - a pioneering online festival and exhibition placing young people at the heart of design, making, programming and production. The Festival of Hope is part of Hope Streets, a five-year project creating a strategic partnership between heritage and youth sectors in the North West. The aim of the commission was to reflect on Chester Young Producers’ heritage by exploring and visually communicating young people’s views and experiences on both sides of the Welsh-English border throughout the period of Covid-19 lockdown; employing a comic strip format, I worked with Chester Young Producers to give voice to young people whose stories wouldn’t usually be told by visually communicating oral histories gathered by Chester Young Producers through interviews; comic strip inclusion in the West Cheshire Museums' permanent collections; planned and delivered an online workshop Understanding Comics: Starting Your Comic Strip as part of Chester Festival of Hope. Digital engagement: contributed to a social media campaign to promote the festival producing content for the festival’s website and social media channels including Instagram artist takeovers.

        • National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas (May 2020 - Jul 2020) (Funded by The Royal British Legion using LIBOR Charity Funds)

        Socially engaged site-specific digital exhibition Visualising History: Remembering the Forgotten Army (Aug 2020 - Sep 2021) employing a graphic narrative format explored the lasting impact the conflict with Japan and the Second World War have had on today’s culture and society; devised and delivered online (hi)story-telling/illustration workshops and developed a suite of digitally-accessible activity sheets (history-telling through illustration, history-telling through comics, history-telling through line art and colouring) and an educational history-telling colouring book to engage young people in learning and remembrance of those who served and sacrificed in the Far East focusing on the British 14th Army (the “Forgotten” Army) and most diverse army in history; engaged in visual research investigations and used young people’s creative responses to produce a unitary collaborative historical graphic narrative to form the Arboretum’s first digital exhibition commemorating the 75th anniversary of VJ-Day.


        Chris Ansell, Head of Participation and Learning, The National Memorial Arboretum

        • Eastleigh Borough Council, Eastleigh (Mar 2020 - Jun 2020)

        Site-specific community heritage commission One Horton Heath - developed an artistic vision in a cartographic format inspired by the (hi)stories of a new community housing development site (homes, local facilities, infrastructure) in the Borough of Eastleigh on the theme The Journey (depicting the past and present development and future vision); created work in adaptable formats for hard copy usage (flyers, posters, site signage) and digital platforms advertising campaigns (One Horton Heath website, e-marketing, social media channels) to serve as an official image and an umbrella piece speaking to different audiences by establishing a sense of place and purpose.

        • Benjamin Franklin House, London (Jun 2015 - Nov 2019) (National Lottery Heritage Funded, 2017, 2018)

        Illustrator in Residence - commission to research Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, and his life and work in London. Developed site-specific illuminations used as educational projections to enrich young audiences’ experiences during historical re-enactments and an educational children’s activity book Benjamin Franklin: At Home in London (published in 2019 and consisting of reusable stickers, a map, spot the difference and puzzles); illustrated and designed merchandise for the museum shop (fridge magnets, notebooks, bookmarks); devised activity sheets, delivered talks and mixed media illustration/collage workshops for museum visitors, families and school children; independent research investigating the carto-graphic novel as an innovative form of historiography as part of an interdisciplinary practice-based PhD (focusing on 18C colonial London, Benjamin Franklin and the museum).

        • The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury (Apr 2018 - Nov 2018) (Canterbury Council and Canterbury Museums and Galleries, CCC Funded)

        Site-specific community heritage graphic narrative exhibition installation Beyond War - Visualising Peace: Responding to the Armistice of 1918 (Nov 2018 - Feb 2019) commemorating 100 years since the end of WW1. Researched and visualised The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge’s WW1 Canterbury archives and collections to create historically accurate digital graphic narrative scenes and an interactive poppy wall Celebrating Women in the Workforce visualising the (often unsung) contributions of ordinary women living through the Great War and the peace beyond; planned, prepared, and co-ordinated the exhibition installation, created merchandise for The Beaney’s shop (notebooks, bookmarks, paper puppets, fridge magnets, tea towels, mugs); contributed to exhibition publicity and promotion via websites and social media channels.

        • Bishop’s Stortford Museum and Middlesex University (Nov 2013 - Aug 2014) (National Lottery Heritage Funded)

        Archival research and visualisation The Conscientious Objector - graphic narrative spreads illustrating rare and damaged Hertfordshire’s WW1 police archives visually communicating the experiences of policemen and ordinary people during the Great War; published in a book anthology On the Beat: Stories from 1914-191 commemorating 100 years since the beginning of WW1. This collaboration was produced in partnership with Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Project was reviewed and approved by the Houses of Parliament; exhibitions at Bishop’s Stortford Museum and Middlesex University; press coverage by the BBC and the Times; gave educational talks to local schoolchildren about the project.


        • Freelance Illustrator/Designer: Tea Dance for Little People & Creative Homes, London (Jul- 2022)

        • Oxford City Council, Oxford 

        (Apr 2022) Large-scale digital illustration (showcasing the hidden gems of the city, unearthing lesser-known stories of the city’s history, reflecting the diversity of Oxford’s communities) for display boards used to enhance key events in Oxford on an ongoing basis.


        (Jan 2020) Site-specific illustration commission responding to the climate emergency A Cup of Inspiration; printed on purpose-built giant coffee cup recycling bins installed in Oxford to create a trail of inspiration in three of Oxford’s business areas and inspire people to take positive action to address the climate emergency; concept development, draft design sketch creation, final colour design covering themes relating to inspiration, positivity, diversity, inclusion, visibility, logistics.

        • Wendy Shearer Storyteller & Author www.wendyshearer.co.uk, London (Jan 2022)

        Caribbean inspired fairytalelike hand painted wall mural commission combining collage and water based acrylic paints for a textured and multilayered effect.

        "as seen on BBC Radio 5 LIVE"

        • Auris Tech Limited, London (Jan 2020 - Mar 2020)

        The Painting - an interactive children’s e-book design and illustration for a market leading educational Fonetti app, which offers innovative speech recognition solutions for children - a learning system encouraging and assisting children as they learn to read;

        • Amuse Experiences - Bespoke Museum and Gallery Experiences with the Experts, London (Sep 2018 - May 2019); Associate Member

        Commission to develop illustrations, design panels and a handwritten logo for a new website encapsulating the company’s creative offerings ranging from international museum and gallery tours, artists’ studio tours and creative school curriculum to bespoke talks and events, creative celebrations and life drawing classes.

        • IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society, Department of Culture, Communication and Media, London (Sep 2017-)

        Researched, designed and illustrated an info map/trail for MA Museums and Galleries in Education showcasing the main university areas and facilities as part of an induction package for new students; used by the marketing department of UCL Institute of Education across the wider university community.

        • IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society, Thomas Coram Research Unit, London (Jun 2016)

        Co-created comic strips e-book Child Language Brokering: Spaces of identity belonging and mediators of cultural knowledge. The aim of the project was to produce outputs for the wider public and raise awareness about the lives and practices of young interpreters (aged 13-15); combined young people’s original writings and drawings generated during workshops by weaving and juxtaposing multiple concepts, voices, stories and research findings in innovative, informative and memorable ways by merging words and images. The e-book highlighted issues important to the young people, communicating their own feelings, thoughts, anxieties and experiences being young interpreters in a creative way. The e-book was exhibited in schools and online with the aim of disseminating difficult research findings in accessible ways (through the use of humour). This facilitated learning in the University and across broader non-academic audiences.

        • Literary Lifestories, London (Jul 2016 - Aug 2016)

        Commission to design a book cover for a novelette.

        • The Rude Mechanicals, Shakespeare in Shoreditch Festival, London (Feb 2016 - Mar 2016)

        Commission to design and illustrate promotional materials - a poster, logo, map/trail using traditional and digital methods 

        capturing The Rude Mechanicals’ performances across the London Borough of Hackney to commemorate 400 years since Shakespeare.

        • Lonely Planet Kids, London (Apr 2014 - Apr 2015)

        Educational sticker books adventure series for children - Adventures in Cold Places and Adventures in Smelly Places and to create the main illustrations for a deluxe world atlas Adventures Around the Globe; each book publication included over 250 reusable stickers, world maps, intro, colouring pages, spot the difference, shadow games, puzzles, 3D push-outs, and more. Worldwide publication of all books.


        Untold Stories of Burmantofts and New Briggate (limited edition) (East Street Arts, Historic England Funded) (2021)

        The Painting e-book (Fonetti educational app by Auris Tech Limited) (2020)

        Benjamin Franklin: At Home in London (2019) (National Lottery Heritage Funded)

        Adventures in Smelly Places (Lonely Planet Kids) (2015)

        Adventures in Cold Places (Lonely Planet Kids) (2014)


        Community Artists Colouring Book Vol. 1 (Portsmouth Creates) (2020)

        Adventures Around the Globe (Lonely Planet Kids) (2015)

        On the Beat: During the Great War 1914 -1918 (Bishop’s Stortford Museum, part of the Rhodes Birthplace trust and Middlesex University) (2014) (National Lottery Heritage Funded)

        Sancti Clandestini: Undercover Saints (World Wood Publishing) (2012)

        Impressions of Cat Hill (Middlesex University and Pearls of Wisdom Press) (2011)